alt Photo by @TahrirSy on Twitter

By Jonathon Morgan

The Islamic extremist group ISIS is quickly closing in on Baghdad, and has prompted a recent announcement by US President Barack Obama that he will send 300 military advisors to the region.

We recently published a social media timeline from the days leading up the ISIS attack on Mosul. This week we're leveraging image recognition technology, recently added to CrisisNET through a partnership with AlchemyAPI, to dig deeper into this data stream. AlchemyAPI's technology allows our system to understand the content of photos, in this case identifying images of people. By using this technology to filter the data we collect about ISIS we were able to quickly create the timeline below, showing photos reportedly of ISIS members.

Note that most of this data comes from unverified sources. Follow links in the photo captions to the original source for more insight into the image's authenticity.